01 Product Description

Flexicare’s single use Bougies complement the range of Laryngoscopes and Endotracheal Tubes, providing clinicians with a comprehensive choice of airway management devices.

Reduced Patient Trauma

The rounded tip provides a smooth surface that allows the Bougie to be inserted without damaging the soft tissue.

Coude Tip

Facilitates correct placement by providing accurate feel of the tracheal wall C-Rings. The flexibility also allows for easy removal once an ET Tube is in situ.

Clearly Graduated Marking

Provides depth indication to guide correct placement.

Eliminate the Risk of Cross Contamination

Provided sterile, the single use Bougie eliminates the risk of cross-infection.

02 Product Options

038-968-033 Bougie / Introducer OD 3.3mm (10CH) x 700mm Sterile 10
038-968-050 Bougie / Introducer OD 5.0mm (15CH) x 700mm Sterile 10