Non-Drainable 2L Bags

01 Product Description

Flexicare non drainable 2L bags provide a clean and safe method of urine drainage for both hospital and home environments. The Flexicare F2 bag is a high quality collection bag that is simple and easy to use, assuring confidence to clinicians and comfort for users.

Easy to use

The Flexicare F2 bag has a simple and easy-to-use tear mark which can be used to open and drain the bag when needed. After use, the bag can be easily disposed of making the F2 an ideal bag for use in both hospital and community settings.

Safe and secure drainage

All Flexicare urine drainage bags are fitted with a non-return valve (NRV) as standard which are designed to allow low pressure drainage in one direction while preventing all flow in the opposite direction, protecting against ascending infection.

Secure connection to catheter or leg bag

The stepped connector is easily inserted into any catheter or sheath and provides a secure connection that will withstand the most vigorous user activity.

F2 is pictured with FlexiHang bag hanger. Click for more information.

02 Product Options

Overnight Drainage Bags – Hospital Packs

00-2201 F2 Non-Sterile Hospital Pack – non-sterile bag, non-drainable, non-return valve and tear to open 250
00-2202 F2 Sterile Hospital Pack – sterile bag, non-drainable, non-return valve and tear to open 100


Overnight Drainage Bags – Community Packs

00-2202C F2 Community Pack – non-sterile bag, non-drainable with non-return valve and tear to open 10