MaxiNeb Compressor

01 Product Description

The Maxineb Compressors have been developed to provide a complete system in both hospital and home.

Quiet Operation

The modern design of the housing facilitates a low noise level output, minimising the ambient noise and reducing irritation to the user.

Changeable Air Filter

MaxiNeb has an interchangeable filter that is easily changed.

Integrated Compartment

The Maxineb compressor has a dedicated compartment to safely store the nebuliser and accessories, ensuring that all the necessary items are at hand when required.

02 Product Options

60022GB MaxiNeb Compressor – British Plug 1
60022EU MaxiNeb Compressor – European Plug 1
60022IN MaxiNeb Compressor – Indian Plug 1
60022CH MaxiNeb Compressor – Chinese Plug 1
60001 Replacement Filter for all Compressor Variations 5