EZ-Flow Catheter Valve

01 Product Description

EZ-Flow is a inconspicuous light weight catheter valve which features a neutral coloured tap to aid discretion. The valve is designed to offer suitable patients flexibility of choice in managing their urinary drainage system. In line with all catheter valves, EZ-Flow remains attached to the catheter for 5 – 7 days.

Patient Comfort

The outlet sleeve of the catheter valve is made of soft PVC that will not cause pressure marks or discomfort for the patient.

Secure Fitting

The ridged connector ensures a secure fit with the catheter.

100% Tested

All EZ-Flow catheter valves are 100% tested to guarantee leak-free valves.

Suitable for those with:

May not be suitable for:

– Adequate bladder capacity
– Adequate bladder sensation
– Good manual dexterity
– Cognitive awareness
– Small bladder capacity
– Reduced bladder sensation
– Inability to operate the valve*
– Limited cognitive awareness
– Poor renal function or ureteric reflux
– Uncontrolled hyperactive bladder


* Unless a carer is available to perform this.

02 Product Options

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