Laryseal Multiple

01 Product Description

Our silicone reusable laryngeal mask airways can be sterilised up to a recommended 40 times. The LarySeal® Multiple cuff adapts to the contour of the oropharyngeal area to provide a secure seal.

– Medical Grade Silicone

– Autoclavable

Crush Resistant Tube

The thickness of the main tube wall reduces the risk of crushing, while the star lumen ensures patency.

Universal Connection

15mm Male connector provides a universal connection.

Secure Seal for Airway Management

The silicone cuff of the mask moulds against the contours of the oropharyngeal area, providing a secure seal.

Autoclavable, Reusable

Durable, high temperature resistant material, recommended for up to 40 autoclave cycles. A reprocessing record card is provided with every LarySeal® Multiple.

Indication of the Cuff Pressure through Pilot Balloon

Thin wall pilot balloon indicates the inflation of the cuff.

Colour Coded Pilot Balloon

Ease of identification of sizing by colour coded pilot balloons.

02 Product Options

038-94-110 LarySeal Multiple Size 1 <5kg 10
038-94-115 LarySeal Multiple Size 1.5 5kg – 10kg 10
038-94-120 LarySeal Multiple Size 2 10kg – 20kg 10
038-94-125 LarySeal Multiple Size 2.5 20kg – 30kg 10
038-94-130 LarySeal Multiple Size 3 30kg – 50kg 10
038-94-140 LarySeal Multiple Size 4 50kg – 70kg 10
038-94-150 LarySeal Multiple Size 5 70kg – 100kg 10

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