01 Product Description

MaxiNeb is one of the most efficient nebulisers with a low Dead Volume, short Nebulising Time, optimal MMAD and high percentage of aerosol mass in the Respirable Range.

MaxiNeb is a high output nebuliser which delivers medication quickly and efficiently.

Patient Choice

The MaxiNeb 22mm connector attaches to either an aerosol mask, mouth piece or T-Piece, providing users a choice of delivery systems.

Anti-Spill Cap

The easy 1/4 turn cap creates a secure leak-proof seal and the large 10ml reservoir reduces the risk of spillage.


MaxiNeb complies with ISO 5356-1, and is suitable for use with all complying aerosol masks and T-piece designs.

Easy Dilution

The chamber has clearly visible graduation marks to facilitate easy dilution of drugs.

Stable Stand Design

The wide tripod leg design keeps MaxiNeb stable and upright even on irregular surfaces.

Clear Construction

The drug nebulisation process and conclusion can be seen easily through the clear chamber wall.

02 Product Options

032-10-003 MaxiNeb Nebuliser 50
032-10-004 MaxiNeb Nebuliser with T-Piece and Mouthpiece 50
032-10-005 MaxiNeb Nebuliser with T-Piece, Mouthpiece and Tubing 50
032-10-007 MaxiNeb Nebuliser, Adult Aerosol Mask and Tubing 50
032-10-007NC MaxiNeb Nebuliser, Adult Aerosol Mask, Nose Clip and Tubing 50
032-10-011 MaxiNeb Nebuliser, Paediatric Aerosol Mask and Tubing 50

MaxiNeb Accessories

032-10-064 22mm Mouthpiece 100
010-636 T-Piece 100
032-10-065 22mm Mouth Piece and T-Piece 100
032-10-120 In-line valve for use with MaxiNeb Nebuliser 100