Magill Forceps

01 Product Description

Flexicare offers a range of Magill Forceps for clinicians to guide tracheal tubes into the larynx or aid nasogastric tubes into the oesophagus whilst maintaining an uninterrupted view. The stainless steel single use forceps are available in 3 sizes to meet specific patients’ requirements.

Precision Engineered

Made from high grade stainless steel, the fine attention to detail makes these forceps ideal for use during difficult procedures.

Single Use

High quality forceps which look and feel like their reusable counterparts but without the risk of cross-infection.

02 Product Options

042-411 Magill Forceps – Adult 25cm 10
042-412 Magill Forceps – Medium 20cm 10
042-413 Magill Forceps – Child 15cm 10